Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bishop and the Pixies Book One - Complete Boxed Set - Book One and Two [Kindle Edition] Nathaniel Parkinson (Author), H.P. Mallory (Introduction)

 Book One
What do you get when you put a British Butler, 3 ornery Pixies, a witch, and some guns and ammunition? A whole lot of laughs, shenanigans, and pixie bombs everywhere!
Bishop and the Pixies is a super spin off of H.P. Mallory's Jolie Wilkins Series and even if you haven't read any of the Jolie books you can still pick up Bishop and the Pixies and enjoy a really awesome story!
Mr. Parkinson takes the characters created in H.P.'s book and expands them into their own little world. So, while Bishop really is a British Butler he is so much more. Having served in the military during several wars as a member of the Special Forces, Bishop is well versed in the art of covert operations. When Mark Twain turns up dead (for real this time) Bishop and the Pixies are sent to New England to investigate and find the culprits. What they do find is something none of them were prepared for. Not only does Bishop find the love of his life and one of the few people that are immune to magic, the Pixies steal (but forced to return) a pair of white tiger cubs and fall in love with a Moose and they are all surprised by the "new" magical entities that have turned up. Bishop calls in reinforcements by joining his retired, Special Forces team, and the entire network of Pixies. Every magical being, including some Congressmen and woman and even a governor or two have all been forced into hiding because of the threat from the "new" magical entities.
This is a fantastic book, with loveable characters and laughs on every page! If you need a good book to read while on vacation, waiting on the bus, or just a rainy day book then this is the book for you.
Please check it out and beware if you decide you don't like it: The Pixies WILL find you and your house may never look the same. They have a tendency to really like polka dots!

Book Two

Do you love a good story?
How about a story with good guys and bad guys?
What about a story with just a hint of romance?
Do you like a story where things get blown up?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this is the book for you! It has it all and so much more!

Mr. Parkinson knows how to weave an awesome tale that keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat from page one until the last line.

Revenge for Louise is an awesome read that makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you giggle, and keeps you guessing!

Please take a couple of hours and read and I can guarantee that you will feel better and have a better appreciation for what we all take for granted each and every day. I won't spoil it for you but you will see what I mean!

Enjoy!!! You won't be disappointed! I promise!

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