Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sedona's Spirit by Amanda Hunter

Sedona's Spirit

Sedona's Spirit
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Alexa Vandagau was born with a special gift, as some would say. She keeps the fact that she see's visions of the future to herself, most of the time.
However, there comes a time when there is an exception to that rule, especially when her best friend's boyfriend being brutally murdered is the vision she gets.
Alexa entrusts her Metaphysical Science Professor, Max Machete at the University of Northern Arizona with her secret. Surprisingly, he is not even remotely surprised by her admission and believes that she is more talented than she knows.
Alexa decides to put her trust into this new adversary. She also lets him show her where her talents may come in handy and how they may save her best friend's boyfriends life, along with bringing down a big company that is known to frequently dump toxic chemicals into Stoneman Lake.
Through this new learning journey, Alexa not only finds herself more aware of her true spiritual nature, but also finds true love and her Sedona's Spirit, so to speak.
You never know what spirits Sedona, Arizona may hold, let alone what spirits it may let out.

5.0 out of 5 stars Visions, Spirits, and Murder Oh My!, December 15, 2012
What would you do if you had the ability to see the future but no way to change what was going to happen?

What do you do when a vision turns gruesome and you watch your best friend's boyfriend be murdered?

What happens when you learn something you never knew about yourself and it turns into the one thing that might save your friends?

Do you run the other way or do you jump in with both feet and do what you think is right?

What do you do when you accidentally fall in love with the one person that can help you?

These are all the questions that Alexa Vandagau must face when she gets a vision that her best friend's boyfriend is going to be murdered. She faces challenges that would stump a weaker person and overcomes obstacles that would be hard for anyone to hurdle. She is not your typical heroine or your damsel in distress. Alexa is a strong, independent, and caring woman and she is someone you want to be friends with.

Amanda Hunter hits it out of the ball park with her newest release! You will not be disappointed! Enjoy, I know I did!!!