Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Code Name: GHOST by Natasza Waters

Code Name: Ghost (A Warrior's Challenge Series)
Code Name: Ghost (A Warrior's Challenge Series) (Kindle Edition) 

Kayla is intent on leaving her past north of the border. Hired as a Canadian liaison by the US Navy, she finds the Coronado SEALs tough but amiable. Their Commander is another matter. With eyes like blue steel and a body carved from it, Kayla resists the hungry attraction between them for good reason.

Navy SEAL Commander Thane Austen (Ghost) treats his women like his missions: in, out and gone. Returning from deployment to find Kayla is his new tactical specialist poses a challenge, one he’s never faced. When the defiant beauty with haunted eyes becomes a serial killer’s target, the Commander has the excuse he needs to close ranks around her. Fear is a word unknown to the legendary SEAL until he realizes love can be as dangerous to a warrior as combat. Convincing Kayla to surrender to him and catching a killer is a mission he won’t fail.



My Review: 
Life always has a way of putting you where you 'need' to be, rather where you 'think' you need to be. Even though Ms. Banks was looking for a place away from painful memories, she wasn't expecting to meet someone that might make those memories recede.

Commander Austen enjoys his job. No, that isn't right. He lives, breathes, sleeps, eats, and devours his career. He is a love and leave 'em kind of guy. Relationships don't fit in his way of life, or at least that is what he tries to convince himself. Until he meets 'Snow White'. He wonders where the drive to protect and fight for his country has gone. It seems to him that for some reason it has re-centered itself on a little Canadian that he believes has no business being in his business.

Natasza Waters has a way with words and literally brings life to her characters. There are some authors that are excellent story tellers and have awesome grammatical prose. And then there are authors like Ms. Waters. She is one of those authors that leaves you on the edge of your seat, grabs you by your heart, pulls you around the world, and makes you believe that you could look up from your book and see Ghost or Snow White sitting across from you. It takes an amazing personality, amazing drive, and amazing heart to accomplish that in one book, but somehow, someway Ms. Waters does just that!

If you like a book that leaves you crying, begging, and pleading for more because you are so wrapped up in the characters lives then this is the book for you! Please check it out! I know you will love it! I did!!