Saturday, September 22, 2012

Goblins Spells Unicorns By: Christina Worrell (Author), Raven Worrell (Author), and Ashley Lane (Illustrator)

Goblin Spells Unicorns

5.0 out of 5 stars Good VS Evil; Good Always Wins!, September 22, 2012

I received a smashwords copy in return for an honest review.

I would have to agree with another review I read of Goblins, Spells and Unicorns, if I could give it 10 Stars I would!

What makes a children's book enjoyable to children? Is it the life lessons they learn while reading it? Is it a certain understanding that they should not do whatever the "bad people" in the story are doing? Or is it more about the pictures, the adventures, and the "good people" saving the day?

Now, on the other hand, what makes an adult enjoy a children's book? Is it the pictures or is the life lessons that they know their children are learning, whether they realize it or not? Do parents always look for the stories that are funny, easy to read, and simple or are they more concerned about the ideas and the creativity the book has to offer?

What if you could find a book that encompasses both schools of thought? It would be a book that spoke to the children through the pictures, the adventure, and the "good people" saving the day; as well as to the parent's idea of having a life learning experience and a story that would spark new ideas and creativity in their children.

If you are reading this review then you have come to the right place to find all of these ideas and so much more. Christina Worrell (Author), Raven Worrell (Author), and Ashley Lane (Illustrator) have put together, in my opinion, the ideal children's book. It is a story that speaks to both, children and grown-ups! It has life lessons about being greedy, lazy, and dishonest but it also has a couple of "bad" characters that accidentally make some "good" characters that are, in the end, able to save themselves from the "bad's" clutches.

This is an awesome story written and illustrated by three really awesome people. I do hope you take the time and money to sit and read this wonderful children's book. I know you will not be disappointed! Enjoy!