Monday, July 16, 2012

Authors Helping Authors Market Their Books

 From the Front Page of this Awesome Website! Please check it out!:

"The Coalition for Independent Authors and Publishers is a group of individuals with a love of words and a passion for books. The ability to string words together to make them entertaining, educating and enlightening is what make some people authors as well as readers.
We authors have formed The Coalition to be able to control our intellectual property, our books. By listing our books on one website we form a large enough presence on the web to be seen and heard.
When you go to our individual sites you deal with us, the author, not a mega corporation. In many instances we can sell our books to you at a lower cost than the major bookstores because there is no middleman to pay.
We understand your passion for books. Writing our books has been a labor of love and frustration. We pass our creation on to you with the high hopes of meeting your expectations.
We pledge to you the personal service you find at a neighborhood bookstore. The service the proprietor gives to his neighbors and friends who happen to be customers as well.
The CIA'S bookstores are a place where people may browse for books, but buy from the author. Eliminating the middleman's commission is a win-win for author and buyer. Sharon."