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The 13th by Shadow Stephens

Magic in Strega Bluff is like parking meters in other cities. The quaint New England town is home to a large community of witches, warlocks--and many secrets. Jade Hansen loved living there until the untimely death of her parents. After a much-needed sabbatical, she returns to find the peaceful hamlet turned upside down. A string of murders haunts the city and everyone is potential a target, but even worse, they are all suspects. A family secret puts Jade in the middle and her loved ones in danger. Dodging an evil warlock set on revenge, she is in a race to stop the killer before it’s too late.

Join us Halloween day from 10-1 pst for a fun event filled with spookiness and prizes. Plus chat it up with author Shadow Stephens.

 Hope to see you all there!!

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Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch

Set in New York and Paris amid the glamorous and competitive worlds of art and real estate, Scorpio Rising takes the reader from the late 1940s to the 1960s through the tumultuous lives of its heroes.

There is Alex Ivanov, the son of a Russian immigrant and part-time prostitute. He yearns to escape his sordid life and achieve fame and fortune. His dreams of becoming a world-class builder are met with countless obstacles, yet he perseveres in the hope of someday receiving the recognition he craves.

Half a world away, Brigitte Dartois is an abused teenager who runs into the arms of a benefactor with an agenda all his own. When she finds out that her boss has an ulterior motive, she flees again, determined to earn her living through her art. This career brings her fame, but also the unwanted attention of her early abuser.

Monique Domovitch’s debut novel, Scorpio Rising, is a compelling tale filled with finely etched characters and a superb understanding of the power of ambition. Scorpio Rising promises to resonate with all who once had a dream.

Monique Domovitch is the author of Scorpio Rising and The Sting of the Scorpio. She also writes under the pen name Carol Ann Martin for Obsidian, an imprint of Penguin. She is represented by Natalie Fischer of the Bradford Literary Agency, and lives with her husband and her three dogs in La Jolla California.
Monique Domovitch was born the first in a family of ten children in a small town in Northern Ontario, and maintains to this day that she was not harmed by the experience. She attended The Sacred Heart Convent, an Ottawa boarding school where she learned to keep her hands folded neatly in her lap and to smile vaguely when people use profane language around her. Her first job was in Montreal as a fashion model, and she is credited with inventing the famous pouty pose that is now used by top models everywhere. She has turned thirty nine again this year and pledges to do it over and over. Just like everybody else in the world, she is working on a new novel, this one, her fourth.

Website http://moniquedomovitch.com/
Blog http://moniquedomovitch.com/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Monique-Domovitch/257672814265720
Twitter https://twitter.com/Moniquedomovitc
Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5111708.Monique_Domovitch a Rafflecopter giveaway

 ***** 5 Star Review For Scorpio Rising

Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would be willing to do almost anything to get it?

Have you ever felt hopeless?

Have you ever felt like you were so far down that you might never find a way back to the top?

What do you do when you find yourself at the bottom of the heap and your heart feels like it is broken?

Do you settle down and take what life throws at you or do you rise above it and conquer your fears?

Scorpio Rising is a book about life, struggles, and overcoming adversity. It is a book that shoots straight through your heart and shows that no matter how hard life gets you can either let it drag you under or you can rise above and come out on top. Monique Domovitch is a master story teller and builds such wonderful characters. She wraps you up in their stories until you can feel their pain, joy, and accomplishments. Scorpio Rising is an excellent story and one that I would recommend to anyone that loves to be drawn in from page one!

Chapter 1


The days were getting shorter. The boy looked up in surprise at the sky that had suddenly grown dark. He pulled his worn sweater tight against the October chill, blew warm breath into his cupped hands and hurried on. The newspaper bag strung across his shoulders was almost empty. He no longer had to put it down at every street corner to massage his sore back. He was almost home.
Alexander Ivanov lived at the end of the world. To the twelve year old, that was exactly what Brooklyn was; the end of the world. Maybe because the one time he had been to the city—that was what he called Manhattan—it had taken forever on the subway.
Alex hated living in Brooklyn, and never more so than when his mother talked about her youth in Leningrad with tears running down her face. She would revert to Russian, which he didn’t understand, but the passion in her eyes spoke more volubly of the beauty of her old country than words could convey.
Every day on his way back from school, weighed down by the load of newspapers, he passed the same dusty old stores, their signs barely legible from the peeling paint; the same ratty tenement buildings in which people suffocated in the summer and shivered in the winter; the same old women in their ritual wigs and shapeless dresses, vacant and blank expressions of hopelessness etched on their faces. Hopeless, that was how he sometimes felt; and then he would remember Manhattan and feel better. If there was one thing Alex wished for, it was to live in Manhattan. He yearned for Manhattan the way his mother pined for her old country.
Alex walked along Main Street, where pickles marinated in barrels, salamis swung from hooks, and sausages dried in their cotton bags. He was oblivious to the sights and smells around him. One by one, he took the papers from his bag and with a quick experienced motion, he threw them. His aim was almost perfect.
Tomorrow was collection day. He would stop at each house along his route and wait while his clients went to get their money. After making change, he would thank each one of them politely even though most never bothered to leave him a tip. His work would take him more than twice as long as on normal delivery days. Still, he looked forward to it. Collection day was when he could go home, count out his profits and decide how much of the money he could save. This week, if all went well, he might reach the fifty-dollar mark in his bank account. Fifty dollars! It was a fortune.
He reached into his bag, pulled out the last newspaper and aimed it with unerring precision at the Kodesky's front porch. At that moment the door swung open and old man Kodesky stepped out. The paper flew through the air like a projectile and landed with a thud in the startled man's well-padded stomach.
“Hey, you no good little piece of shit!” He waved his fist. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Alex did not hear a word. He was a million miles away, dreaming of the day he would escape the hell of living at the end of the world.
Even now, two years later, he could still remember every detail of his trip to Manhattan. After a long subway ride, he had emerged in the city surrounded by skyscrapers so tall, he could only see the top by looking up high and leaning back. People on the street rushed about in the lightly falling snow, pushing and jostling each other, their arms full of brightly wrapped packages. It was one week before Christmas and there was a dizzying feeling of joy in the air. Alex was almost drunk from the excitement. This must be what Leningrad was like.
Deep in his dreams of unlimited delights, he walked home. Three blocks later, Alex climbed the stairs to the dingy one-bedroom apartment where he and his mother lived.
Before he was born, his mother had tried to make the apartment look warm and inviting. She hung pretty paper on the walls and crisp curtains over the windows. The furniture was inexpensive, but attractive and functional. Whatever nesting instinct had once inspired Marlena Ivanov's efforts had long disappeared. For the last twelve years she had done nothing more to improve her home. Indeed, she had not done even the most basic of repairs. Over time, the wallpaper had become worn and faded. The curtains lost their freshness and the once attractive furniture became old and shabby. The sour stench of poverty clung to the apartment like old dirt.
Alex closed the door behind him and dropped his canvas bag on the floor. He sniffed the air and wrinkled his nose. From the kitchen came the smell of boiled cabbage.
“Is dat you Alexander? Vere vere you? Is nearly six o'clock and dinner is been ready for hour,” his mother's heavily accented voice called out from the bathroom. “I getting ready to go out. You vill ave to eat alone.”
Through the thin door came the sound of the toilet flushing. A moment later Marlena appeared wearing a tight pink sweater set and a black satin skirt. Her dark hair was freshly coifed, the marks of the bobby pins still imprinted between each wave. Her mouth was painted crimson in the shape Joan Crawford had made popular a decade earlier. From ten feet away the smell of vodka on her breath was overpowering.
“Will you be coming home by yourself?” asked the boy suspiciously.
Vat you vant me to do?” She picked up her purse abruptly and threw in her lipstick. “You vant to eat. I not do dis for me. A boy need food to grow big, strong. Someday you understand.” A moment later, she was gone.
Marlena Ivanov was a bitter woman. She made no secret of the fact that raising a boy by herself was a heavy cross to carry; one she deeply resented. Alex sometimes thought his mother hated him almost as much as she did his father. He had never seen his father. He knew, only because his mother repeatedly told him, that Pavel Ivanov had been a gambler and a womanizer. Whatever wages the man had earned, he just as quickly spent on those two vices. The day Alex was born was the day Pavel Ivanov decided that married life was not for him. He disappeared, leaving his seventeen-year-old wife to deal with the struggles of working and raising a son by herself.
After a dinner of cabbage soup, Alex turned off the lights and climbed under his blankets. In the dark, he could clearly see his mother's empty bed a few feet from his own. He turned his back to it and curled up.
Hours later, the muffled sound of laughter woke him up. The bedroom door swung open and the light turned on.
“Turn dat off. You vake up boy.” His mother ordered in a shrill whisper. The light flicked off. “Das better. I like dark.” She laughed. “Now, come to Marlena.” Clothes rustled. From his cot, in the corner of the room, Alex guessed every gesture, every movement. Old springs creaked. The sounds were loud, magnified by the stillness of the night.
Alex covered his ears. By trying hard, maybe he could keep the noises from reaching him. It was too late. The guilty stirring in his loins had already begun. His mind swirled in a mix of emotions too strong for him to understand. Maybe if he thought of something else. Yes, that's it. Think about something else. Someday, I'll drive in from the city in a brand new Cadillac. I'll show them all...
The next morning, Marlena kissed the man goodbyee and turned triumphantly to Alex. “See dis?” She pulled out a ten-dollar bill from between her breasts. “Dis can buy food for whole week.”
Alex looked away, embarrassed and ashamed, and returned to the picture he was drawing on the back of his spelling book. 

*    *    *
By the time he became a teenager, Alex Ivanov believed his ambitions were just dreams. He still felt a raging desire to be rich. Except for the endless stream of buildings he drew, which everyone agreed were beautiful, he had no special talent. Other than the goal of saving up a lot of money, he had no real plan.
Alex kept delivering newspapers and watched his savings grow. At this rate, I’ll never have enough money to move out of here. 
He decided to look for other opportunities. Soon, he found what he was looking for. He sold his paper route to a younger boy for two dollars, the amount of a normal month's profit, dipped into his bank account for another five dollars and invested in a second-hand bicycle with a large wicker delivery basket. The next day he began to work for Yonah Schimmel's Knishery.
From then on, every day after school he raced down to Schimmel's and loaded up his basket with bags of sweet smelling homemade knishes, jars of savory borscht and fine yogurts with a crust of cream on top and packaged in drinking glasses. With a speed never before seen from any of Schimmel's boys he raced through his deliveries until Yonah came up to him one day. “What are you trying to do, boy? Get yourself killed? Slow down,” he told Alex. “No sense in going so fast. Slow but safe, that's the way to go.”
Alex nodded politely, but just as soon as Yonah turned away, he jumped on his bike and sped off.
Alex was tall and well built for his age. The years of delivering newspapers had helped develop his once lanky frame into a strong, muscular body. His shirts, which were often a size too small, hugged him in a way that exaggerated the ripples on his chest. His hair was black and his eyes ice blue in a face that could only be described as sensual. The sight of the young and virile teenager, slightly flushed from carrying Schimmel's parcels, did strange things to his female clients.
Often, when Alex rang a doorbell, the woman who answered appeared even more flushed than the delivery boy. Alex smiled and greeted each client politely by name—“Good afternoon Mrs. Zawisny”—and he would walk away with a fresh knish, and more often than not, with a generous tip. Within one month, he had made enough money to cover the expense of the bicycle, plus what he would have normally saved with his paper route. Alex was beginning to feel like a rich man.
The way women reacted was a constant source of amusement for Alex. Since he had started shaving the year before, he knew the effect he had on the opposite sex. Still, he had no interest in any of them, except maybe in Miss Mateus, his homeroom teacher.
Rita Mateus was a big-busted brunette in her mid-thirties, with smoldering brown eyes that made Alex blush when she looked at him. Sometimes he caught himself dreaming about what he would like to do to her, given the opportunity. Never in a million years did he believe the opportunity would come, and that when it did, it would prove to be his ticket out of Brooklyn.
For months, and to his great pleasure, every time he asked Miss Mateus a question, she would leave her desk, come up to him, and as she bent over his books she would rest her ample breasts on his forearm. One day, as he prepared to leave class after school, she asked him to stay. For the next hour, Miss Mateus went over his homework book, studying drawings one after another, while her breasts brushed against his back, his arms and even his cheek. “You’re a talented boy. I love this drawing of—what is it?—the Empire State Building? What do you want to be? An architect?” The fourteen-year-old boy blushed and stammered a response, praying the whole while that she would not notice the erection in his pants. Miss Mateus—or Rita as she asked him to call her—noticed. Then she did the most shocking thing. She put her hand right on top of the swelling in his crotch. She looked at him with limpid eyes and said in a melting voice, “Why Alexander Ivanov, you're not a boy any more. You're a grown man.”
The next day after school, Rita invited him to her apartment. Alex raced through his deliveries faster than he ever had and arrived at her doorstep in record time. She invited him in and poured him a glass of Chianti. “What sign are you, Alex?”
He looked at her, confused. “Sign?”
“What’s your birthday?”
“November fifteenth,” he replied still perplexed.
“November, hmm? That makes you a Scorpio.” She leaned forward and traced a lazy finger along his upper lip. “Scorpio men are intensely passionate and ambitious. But beware a Scorpio’s sting.” She smiled, and his heart skipped a beat. “But, you won’t sting me, will you, Alex?” Before he could think of an answer, she rose and picked up a deck of cards from the table. “Do you play cards Alex?” He shook his head. “Well, you're going to learn.”
That night, Alex learned two things:  strip poker and the grown-up game of sex. After that, the routine never varied. Every day after school, Alex would hurry through his deliveries, spend a few hours with Rita, and then rush on home.
It was months before his mother noticed how late he was getting home in the evenings. When she asked him about it, Alex brushed it off easily. “I go to the library and do my homework.”
Marlena chose to believe him. “I no cook for you ven you late.”
She's happy she doesn't have to worry about fixing my supper. Alex told himself and swallowed the lump in his throat. Then he thought of Rita and his heart filled with joy. I love Rita and she loves me. That's all that really matters.

*    *    *

Every night, as soon as Alex walked in the door, Rita pulled out the cards. It was her favorite foreplay. In the beginning Alex invariably found himself losing and naked, but in time he began to win occasionally. The promised vision of Miss Mateus pulling off her bra was enough enticement to make him yearn to win. He remembered the first time it had happened.
“You win, Alex.” Rita pulled off her bra and stood triumphantly before him—the loser thrilled to be vanquished. “You like my tits, Alex?”
“Oh! Yes!” he answered, not daring to move.
“Touch them.”
She came closer. “You heard me. Touch them.”
Small beads of moisture broke out on his upper lip. He hazarded a hand out to the soft mounds of flesh, and thought he would come right then and there.
“Kiss them.”
He took a nipple in his mouth and felt it harden. Rita moaned. It was too much. His erection, which had been dangerously close to bursting, exploded in his shorts.
“Hey, sweets, the idea is to keep a little for me.” Rita motioned him toward her bed. “Lucky you're young. Let's see how long it takes to get you going again.” She cupped his balls into her hands and took him in her mouth.
“Oh God, I love you,” he cried out. He had never felt anything so delicious in his life. It was so good it hurt. This time, he didn't come until Rita begged him to.

After sex, Rita liked to talk. Surprisingly, she seemed to enjoy their conversations.
“I don't know why that surprises you, Alex, you're a bright boy. With a mind like yours, you can do anything you choose.”
I can do anything I choose. It was a staggering thought. Maybe he really could be an architect. It was a dream he’d never dared voice.
The next day, Alex went to the one place in Brooklyn he loved. At Highland Park, he climbed the hill to the old reservoir, where he looked straight out to the skyscrapers of Manhattan. He sat on the cold, damp grass and thought about what Rita had said. He didn't want a job just for the sake of earning a living. What he wanted was a position with prestige. He wanted people to look up to him with admiration and respect. He wanted Rita to be proud of him.
His eyes wandered back to the skyscrapers across the distance. Skyscrapers like those he dreamed of building. From his position they looked like monuments. Monuments to the builder. His heart swelled. That was what he had always wanted to do—build big important buildings like those skyscrapers.

Rita laughed when he told her. “Be serious Alex. Why don't you want to be a plumber or an electrician? An architect! That would take years of studying. I know I told you that you're smart, but not that smart. Besides, sweets, you don't really expect me to wait for you to grow up, do you?”
The words were like a knife in Alex's heart, but they only made him more determined. Rita meant everything to him. He would have to show her.

The relationship endured until his senior year, when he was ready for college. One day, when he rushed over after his deliveries, he found Rita in bed with another man. For a few minutes, he hid behind the door and listened in horror as Rita said to this stranger all the special secret things she had said to him. “That's it baby, don't stop. You're the best, baby. The very best.” He heard Rita's familiar moans rise until she screamed. Tears welled in his eyes. He closed the door silently behind him and went home. All night he tossed and turned, shocked that he could feel so much pain. Never again, he vowed. No other woman is ever going to hurt me.
The next day after school, Alex went back to Rita's as usual, and made love to her as though nothing had happened. Afterward he had a talk with her. “Rita, does anybody know about us?”
“Don't be ridiculous,” she answered sharply as she straightened the seams of her stockings. She sat on the edge of the disheveled bed and watched him covertly.
“I guess you'd be in real trouble if anyone ever found out. Right?”
Rita adjusted the straps of her brassiere and paused in her dressing, long enough to light a Lucky Strike.
“You might lose your job,” he continued.
She took a long drag on her cigarette and exhaled slowly.
“You might even be prosecuted for—what is it—something about a minor?”
She exhaled, blowing the smoke in his direction. “What is it you want Alex?” she asked coldly.
He told her.

At his next report card, Alex Ivanov was at the top of his class. He was accepted at NYU with a full scholarship; he had seven hundred of Rita's dollars in his bank account; and the pain of finding her in bed with another man was just a distant memory.
*   *   *

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Burner by M.C. Mars

How far are you willing to go, and how much are you willing to sacrifice in order to realize your dream? 

Jason Teal, is a hip-hop deejay and producer who dropped out in his last semester as a college astrophysics major and moved to san Francisco with his rapper friends to pursue a career in music. Three years later, the hip-hop group he co-founded has signed a major label deal – without him. Meanwhile, Jason has lost sight of his dream. He’s working a job he hates and his relationship with his stripper-girlfriend has hit rock bottom. And now, with greater frequency, he’s having hallucinations. He hallucinates walls and trains covered with graffiti pieces (burners). The burners are the work of his dead brother, PSYCHOPOMP, a great graffiti writer whose death, more than twenty years ago, has given rise to strange rumors. Some say he was murdered by the Illuminati, others believe he was in the Illuminati.

Into the chaos of Jason’s downward spiral steps a man named Cyril Magbion, a mysterious figure with ties to a secret society. Cyril has the power to transform Jason’s life overnight. He has money. He has answers. He seems to know everything. But first Jason must prove himself worthy of such a mentor and undergo “The TEST.”

The TEST will take Jason Teal down the rabbit-hole into the new paradigm of wave/particle duality where quantum physics meets mysticism at the level of the unseen. In the rabbit hole, he’ll encounter a dominatrix with a chip on her shoulder, a gangster who blew off his leg making a bomb, a man in a wheelchair dressed as a pharaoh beckoning him with ESP, a ginseng store owner who looks like Peter Lorre on speed, CIA MK ULTRA experiments, and many more weird and terrifying things that will lead to a head-on collision with himself, and the Big Bang of consciousness.

Can you handle a mind-altering adjustment to the mass hallucination we call reality? If the answer is yes, then read this book.

         The book has a strong sexual component. Jason’s girlfriend, Alicia, has become an exotic dancer to support her three-year old daughter, and to put herself through school to earn a degree in psychology. But as she exploits her sexual power in the club, she also becomes its victim.

Burner, MC Mars - a journey through street life as seen through the alternating prisms of Hip Hop, quantum physics, Buddhism and the mystique of the Illuminati.

In Burner, MC Mars takes the reader on a psychedelic journey that zooms from exploring the psychological complexity of his brilliant but tortured central character, Jason Teal, to existential themes like quantum physics and the insidious power of the Illuminati. Burner is set in a shape-shifting reality, tenuously anchored by a panoply of opposites. Rival themes are set in constant juxtaposition, leaving the reader barely able to hang on for dear life. In one moment, the reader is captivated by Jason's rigorous adherence to his Buddhist practice. But in the next, the reader is dragged down face-to-face with Jason's incessant self-destructiveness and hyper-focused quest for fame. How can a Cal Tech graduate stray so far and just who is Jason Teal? As we read on, we are constantly confounded by side-excursions into effervescent and alternative realities revealed in contradictions: Burner reveals at once the artistic beauty of hip hop against the uncertain backdrop of inner city darkness. In Burner, Graffiti is portrayed as an art-form on par with the great masters. The magic of rap in its raw brilliance is captured in sidebars inserted neatly in the story. But these two core tenets of hip hop, vie angrily with the stark images of degradation, hopelessness and raw tragedy, which are inextricably interwoven into the streets of the city.

By the time MC Mars introduces Everett's "many worlds theory," the reader has already tasted versions of this phenomenon in both the character of Jason Teal and the book's journey itself. The book careens on from a raw sensuality typified by Jason's tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend and stripper, Alicia to the noble and pristine, paternal tenderness he holds for her daughter. And around any corner, the reader can be variously drawn into worlds as disparate as the literary themes of Faust or the Canterbury Tales and the low-living of a gang of street-tough, ex-cons hell bent on taking Jason out.

If you'd like a book that will stretch your mind and take you on an improbable journey through both the dark lit streets of San Francisco and of space and time, then Burner is the book for you. But you'd better not be looking for closure, as Burner asks more questions than gives answers and leaves the reader begging for what comes next. This book screams out for a sequel to continue the journey.

- Richard Lear

10/22 Review Blitz   M.C. Mars “Burner”

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Mirror Deep by Joss Landry

Join us for an absolutely amazing event November 7th from 10-6 pst! We'll be celebrating Joss Landry's book Mirror Deep, and playing all sorts of fun games. There will be prizes galore including movie tickets, Itunes gc's, and some ebooks from some awesome indie authors. Hope you all can come and play!

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A Political Affair by Mary Whitney

A Political Affair isn't Fifty Shades of Red, White, and Blue, but it is a love story with spice and political intrigue. Stephen McEvoy never expected to fill his father’s U.S. Senate seat at such a young age—or to fight to keep it. When clever Anne Norwood interns in his office, Stephen dismisses her as another pretty face—until her independent streak catches his attention. They’re both too smart to fall for one another, yet they do. During a tough election, their relationship is an impossible political gamble. Campaigns—like love—are either won or lost.

 Please join author Mary Whitney as she launches her amazing book A Political Affair on October 18th.

Also be sure to check out the awesome novella she wrote in the series!!http://www.amazon.com/Very-Important-Guest-Novella-ebook/dp/B009H68DRK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1349209130&sr=8-1&keywords=a+very+important+guest 

  Hope to see you all there!!

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Broken Promises by Belinda Boring

All Bree wanted to do was spend her Friday night with the man she loved and adored. Planning to watch a movie together, she never would've believed leaving her home would result in her relationship with Quinn being tested beyond its limits. Unbeknownst to her, the Fae have been organizing to invade Earth, and their devious plans are culminating now, colliding with Bree's very existence. Using a powerful glamour, the Fae trigger each person's violent tendencies, turning the streets into a battleground and strangers against each other. In a crushing blow, Quinn becomes affected and Bree finds herself battling to save her lover from himself as he stalks her relentlessly, taunting her at every turn. In a game of cat and mouse, Quinn can't decide whether he wants to seduce her or kill her, breaking her heart further with each encounter. But fighting for her love isn't her only worry. As the battle ensues, Bree discovers a startling truth about her own heritage that she must come to terms with. Determined to bring balance back, she teams up with others to drive the Fae back across the veil, only to find herself in way over her head. Bree has no other choice but to fight, leading her to a confrontation that will change her world forever - and threaten to leave her with broken promises.

We're having a fantastic event to celebrate the release of this book. Join us October 24th from 10-6 pst

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Living Sensitive by C.M. Rawdon

In the small town of Willow Eve, Arkansas, feisty bartender, Delia Rhodes, lives a pretty normal life; if you consider having a ghost for a roommate, pixies as best friends and being one of the rarest hybrids to exist, normal. Her life is turned upside down when someone or something begins kidnapping pixies and she is forced to find out who is behind it and why. If that wasn’t enough for her to deal with, Delia meets a delicious vampire hybrid with a very important event coming up; his registration. Will he survive? Will Delia solve the kidnappings or get dragged into the middle of something much deeper?

Available on Amazon

Come hang out with author C.M. Rawdon Friday October 19th!! We'll be playing tons of games and giving away some awesome prizes.

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The Vampire's Release By S.J. Wright

Come and celebrate the release of S.J. Wright's 4th book in her Undead in Brown County series! The event is happening October 12th from 12-4 pst We'll have some fun prizes, including ebook copies of the book, and some awesome t- shirts
Hope to see you all there!!
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Spiritus by Dana Michelle Burnett

Spiritus, a Paranormal Romance (Spiritus Series, Book #1)

Spiritus, a Paranormal Romance (Spiritus Series, Book #1)

  A love that refuses to die...

"As I watched him vanish into a soft mist that faded away, I knew that he was no ordinary spirit...I knew that he was a dangerous entity that could be in some corner of another realm planning his revenge, but I also knew that I was hopelessly in love with him."

When Becca moves into her ancestral home in Corydon, Indiana, her life takes a puzzling and thrilling turn when she meets the ghost haunting the halls. As the seductive spirit lures her closer and closer, she learns about her own past and starts to understand that some mistakes are meant to last.

Becca McAllister has always been different from other girls her age. Never part of the "in crowd", Becca never really fit in anywhere. When her mother dies and her father moves them to the small town of Corydon, Indiana, Becca didn't expect things to change.

But things do change when Becca accidentally makes contact with a one hundred and sixty year old ghost, Alastor Sinclair, that haunts the halls of her new home.

To Becca, Alastor is a seductive spirit that seems to see straight into her soul. To Alastor, Becca is what he has waited a century for--A second chance.

But the closer they get, the more Becca realizes that this isn't the first time she and Alastor have known each other. Worse still, is she the one responsible for his death so long ago? And if so, did he come back for love or revenge?

Books of the Spiritus Series

Book One:  Spiritus
Book Two:  Haunted (Now Available!  ASIN B007TR1U56)
Book Three: Incarnate (Coming Fall of 2012)

5.0 out of 5 stars Life, Ghosts, and Love!, August 14, 2012

After Becca's Mom dies her Father moves her into his ancestral home in a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere.
As with any other move for a school age teenager Becca is worried about fitting in and finding a "clique" to be a part of.
She soon finds out that small town schools are much different than the one she is used to.
After the first day at school she brings home a couple of girls that she met and they try to perform a seance in her bedroom before calling it a night.
Little did they know that they opened up a channel to the other side in order to allow Becca's EXTREMELY long lost relative.
As Becca begins to communicate with the resident ghost she soon learns more about the history of the house she is living in but also the little town that her father dragged her to.
Just as she begins to enjoy having the ghost around things in her life begin to get complicated and Becca she tried find some common ground but it is difficult.

From start to finish this book reels you in and keeps you bobbing right along until you are so deep into the book that you have forgotten to even come up for air!
Dana has a wonderful way with words that make you believe you are right there with Becca and Allister.
She has an amazing gift that she has shared with all of us and I for one am extremely grateful.
If you need to get lost in a book for awhile I would recommend this one in a heartbeat!

Flukes by Nichole Chase

Meena has a secret guarded closely by her family—a secret as dangerous as the sea, and buried just as deep. When court appointed community service workers are assigned to Flukes, the family-owned animal sanctuary, everyone is on high alert. It doesn’t help that Meena finds herself attracted to sexy-as-sin Blake Weathering, one of the new workers. If he wasn’t so distracting, she might be able to land Flukes a much-needed cruise line contract.

 Blake Weathering, the first in his family to attend public school, has developed a tough image. Unfortunately it lands him in trouble. Now banned from his high school graduation ceremony, getting his diploma is dependent upon a community service gig cleaning fish crap. No diploma, no trust fund fortune—and no way to escape his overbearing father. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a mysterious girl with teal eyes who pulls at his heart strings.

 When Blake discovers Meena’s secret, they are both thrown into a desperate search for information about her past. Two worlds pull them in opposite directions, and they will have to fight to hold onto all that really matters.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trolling for Trouble MACUs Series One by Olivia Hardin

A NOVELETTE- MAUCs Series One: Magical and undead creatures can get into plenty of sticky situations. Lynlee Lincoln loves her job as a neutralizer, but she needs a break from the supernatural chaos after an ultra-busy Halloween night. Coming home, she's ready to collapse into her bed and forget the day... until she discovers two children scavenging through her refrigerator. One look at the pair and she feels a tug on her heartstrings, then she learns their father is the man she spent years trying to forget. When Beck pleads with her to help save his daughter, Lynlee gets thrust into a heap of trouble.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poppy and the Stranger by Eli Jay

Poppy and the Stranger

Poppy and the Stranger
by Eli Jay
Edition: Paperback
Price: $20.65

5.0 out of 5 stars What is that Strange thing I See?, October 2, 2012

Book Description

September 5, 2012
In this fabulous and delightful story for children ages 2 and up, our adorable and sweet Poppy, the Wandering Balloon once again continues on his adventure of learning, fascination, and self-realization. This time, he faces a dark stranger under the moonlight. The stranger appears to follow Poppy no matter what he does, or where he goes. In hopes of escaping from the stranger, Poppy finds his way through the woods, meeting both old and new forest friends. But only Lyndon might have a real solution to Poppy's fear. Read this enchanting story and find out what Poppy learns at the end of his puzzling, but intriguing journey.....


Eli Jay is the author of Poppy, The Wandering Balloon and Poppy and the Stranger. She is also a physician and a native of Washington, DC. It is here Eli lives with her family and continues to write, produce, and illustrate several Poppy adventures. Many of these adventures will live on through a delightful and intriguing children's series for decades to come. Poppy is not only an adorable little green balloon, but he has also been described by many reviewers as the ultimate inner child within each one of us. Poppy is a character who happens to be a source of inspiration, hope and comfort to those big and small. And that is just what he will be to you and your family as you enter his world.

Stay tuned.....Poppy will be gliding your way soon!
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Have you ever watched a child discover something new?
Isn't it amazing to watch the wonder that floats across their faces when they have figured something out?
Do you remember when you first saw your shadow?
How you learned it was a part of you but was separate from you?

In Poppy and the Stranger, Poppy learns about this Stranger that keeps following him in the moonlight. He also meets some new, exciting, and sometimes scary friends. But he is a courageous balloon and he soon discovers that there is nothing for him to fear. Making new friends and learning about what is around you is an everyday experience for Poppy and all children.

Eli Jay continues her series of Poppy the Wandering Balloon with this sweet book. The illustrations are well done and the story is thoughtful and easy to follow. I would recommend this book to anyone with children!