Monday, August 27, 2012

Vampire Games (Vampire for Hire #6) By J.R. Rain

5.0 out of 5 stars Add #6 to the Awesome Mix, August 27, 2012

J.R. Rain continues Samantha Moon's saga in Vampire Games (Vampire for Hire #6). As with all of this other Vampire for Hire books, Rain continues a story that is built around awesome characters that you can fall in love with and root for when things get tough. In this installment we find Samantha and her two children in precarious positions. Not only does her daughter runaway but she claims that she "knows" things about her Mother. Does this mean that the "gloves are off" so to speak with her kids? Or does the "gloves" reference have to do with the new client that seeks Samantha out to help with a problem he is having? He knows that someone died in the ring while he was boxing but he positive that he didn't kill the guy. Will Samantha be able to uncover who the real killer is before she ends up with a stake in her unbeating heart? Not that she doesn't have enough problems with her client and kids but now Ishmael is back with some info about her main squeeze that is not very favorable but is she willing to forgive or will she throw it all away? Plus her best friend, Fang, finally gets his lifelong wish but is Samantha a part or is she a bystander?
J.R. always gets it right. No matter what he writes he keeps me glued from the first sentence to the last! Another stunner from a man that knows the ins and outs of vampires and family! Pick up a copy today! You won't be disappointed!

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