Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Donna Ansari/Paranormal


New Blood (Vampire in the City)
New Blood (Vampire in the City)

 What do you do when you wake up in some strangers bed only to find yourself not only dead but a Vampire to boot? You do the only thing you can do, you roll with the flow. The flow of blood that is! Well, you try as Emma does once she comes to some terms with her new situation. Add in a stupid, obnoxious, and cheating soon to be ex-boyfriend, your best friend of twenty years, and a new vampire friend and you have yourself one bloody good story! Donna Ansari knows how to weave a tale that keeps you "enthralled" from the first prick of the fangs to the last jab of the wooden stake straight through the heart! A MUST read if you love a good vampire story and a MUST read if you just love a good story period! Congrats Donna! Can't wait for the sequel!

Wild Blood (Vampire in the City)
Wild Blood (Vampire in the City)Donna Ansari does it again! She takes a story and makes it into a spectacular masterpiece! Emma just wants to be a "normal" vampire with a normal roommate or two and have a normal relationship with someone. Now she finds herself with a Witchy Roommate, a Werewolf Roommate, and a couple of vastly different boyfriends all vying for her time, attention, and loyalty. Poor Emma doesn't know who to believe, trust, or who to tell to go take a hike. She finds herself in the middle of a major dispute between two major factions fighting over territory rights of New York City. How did she become the pawn in this whole battle, you might ask, you must read and find out! An excellent sequel to New Blood and a definite awesome read all on its own! If you need a good book that captures you from page one and won't let go until the end and leaves you wanting more then you have found the right one! Buy it now before someone snatches up the last one! Don't be left to the Wolves!

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